Released in the fall of 2019, Killadelphia, written by Rodney Barnes and illustrated by Jason Shawn Alexander, was met with critical success and otherworldly sales.

The story of a homicide detective turned vampire father and his estranged son, both on the hunt for former President John Adams, now a vampire seeking to remake America in the design originally set forth by the country’s Founding Fathers, features crisp political commentary and heart-wrenching family drama while providing a critique of present day America at its crossroads. Remaining true to its horror genre roots, the story ventures into commentary that speaks to our core demographic: thoughtful horror fans of all ages seeking layered stories with a poignant take on the world in which we live. There’s a complex creative math to the tone of Killadelphia that would play out in all of the stories created, published, and adapted by Zombie Love Studios.

Killadelphia—now in its second story arc, will pick up where it left off with a son trying to step into his father’s shoes and ward off the remnants of a vampire horde in the city of Philadelphia. As was the case in story arc one, story arc two will use history, present day circumstances, and a horror tale true to the essence of the genre to thrill fans and newcomers alike.

Elysium Gardens

Elysium Gardens

Elysium Gardens, a tale which spans a thousand years where a group of North African Moors invading Sicily are cursed by stregheria witches.

Now, wandering the Earth as werewolves when the moon goes full, they are on the hunt for what’s left of the coven in the hopes the curse can be reversed.

This brings our Moor/werewolves to Watts amidst the Black Nationalist movement on the eve of the 1965 race riots that set Los Angeles ablaze.



Monarch, the story of a boy adopted by a loving foster care worker who’s raised a number of abandoned children in South Central Los Angeles over the course of her life. In this foster family, our boy finds love, care, and connection.

Things he’s never experienced and now holds dear. There’s only one problem—the boy is an alien. The last of his species, he has been tasked with finding a planet suitable for the essence of his species to repopulate.

Initially sent to Earth to gather data for an impending droid invasion, his connection to his foster family complicates his mission, creating a dilemma that will result in the demise of either his species or the people of the planet Earth.

Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog

Nita Hawes' Nightmare Blog

Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog, which exists in the same universe as Killadelphia, chronicles the story of Dawnita Hawes, an adjunct professor of parapsychology living in Baltimore, Maryland. After the tragic death of her younger brother Jason (now a supportive ghost) by random gun violence, begins the Nightmare Blog—a website where people in supernatural peril can request Nita’s assistance in solving said paranormal problems. 
In our first story arc which takes place over six issues, Nita investigates a series of murders by a catatonic, demon-possessed, blues singer seeking revenge against those that stole the rights to his music decades earlier. To exorcise the demon (Corson, one of the most powerful demons amongst their lot), Nita must face her fears, lack of faith, and a supernatural force that’s existed since the dawn of man.