Released in the fall of 2019, Killadelphia, written by Rodney Barnes and illustrated by Jason Shawn Alexander, was met with critical success and otherworldly sales.

The story of a homicide detective turned vampire father and his estranged son, both on the hunt for former President John Adams, now a vampire seeking to remake America in the design originally set forth by the country’s Founding Fathers, features crisp political commentary and heart-wrenching family drama while providing a critique of present day America at its crossroads. Remaining true to its horror genre roots, the story ventures into commentary that speaks to our core demographic: thoughtful horror fans of all ages seeking layered stories with a poignant take on the world in which we live. There’s a complex creative math to the tone of Killadelphia that would play out in all of the stories created, published, and adapted by Zombie Love Studios.

Killadelphia—now in its second story arc, will pick up where it left off with a son trying to step into his father’s shoes and ward off the remnants of a vampire horde in the city of Philadelphia. As was the case in story arc one, story arc two will use history, present day circumstances, and a horror tale true to the essence of the genre to thrill fans and newcomers alike.